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The Walking Wounded: Injured but still Alive

This is an ardent appeal to those suffering the after-effects of a drug – a drug which was supposed to heal but ended up harming beyond any worse nightmare. Apart from and as a result of all your physical distress, you may be plagued with thoughts of suicide. This article seeks to offer you a lifeline of hope, without wishing to minimise in any way the breadth and depth of your suffering. 

The drug you took may not have been fatal in the true sense of the word, but may be fatal to the normal functioning of the body, or to the lifestyle which you previously enjoyed. Whether it was administered by your own hand or by the hand of a trusted ally or agency, you have been left with an enduring regret. You may still be coming to terms with the mirage which led to your life-changing choice, for at the time it may not have appeared as a game of Russian roulette but as a necessary and life-saving therapeutic.

The profound regret which follows from being a party to your own injury or someone else’s such as the child entrusted to you by God or the parent who was classed as vulnerable, cannot be adequately put into words. No vaccine injury compensation programme or endless expressions of sympathy can restore to you the health you once enjoyed or the loved one who was so tragically taken from this earth.

Why did no-one warn me?

There were thousands sounding alarm bells but they were silenced on social media, made fun of and alienated in the public square. If covid-19 were purely about safeguarding the public health, why would vaccine adverse reactions not be announced in the mainstream media, why would doctors and scientists of expertise and renown who are of contrary opinions, not be granted a platform on mainstream media, and why were mandates pushed even though this is an experimental drug  only approved for emergency use because the other known treatments were suppressed and pilloried as ineffective. The mainstream media, which most have come to trust, were silent on the risks and potential harm of the vaccines, not manufactured like traditional vaccines (but no jab is 100% safe and effective) , but with a ground-breaking MRNA technology which interferes with the genome.

From now on, we must seek to educate ourselves beyond the mainstream media.

A woman urged to take the flu shot, under the impression it was safe and effective, developed MS. You can read her story below:

Though you may not be killed outright, as is the case with countless millions(just because no-one shared their stories doesn’t mean they didn’t happen), you might recover but still suffer permanent damage which means your life may never be the same again.

What if I don’t recover?

These doubts can fuel hopelessness. You are not alone. They are millions like you across the globe. One website which supports those injured by the famous shot fired all over the world with a tally of global wounded is

As far as reporting goes, there have 28,000 deaths in the USA alone; 3.3. million adverse reactions including deaths on the WHO website – Vigiaccess. These are estimated to be a mere 1% of actual adverse reactions, 99% which don’t get reported. The system is mired in complexity, and many health professionals, sorry to say, don’t even know it exists. This serves to underscore the myth that adverse reactions are rare.

Since 1988, more than 18, 463 petitions have been filed with the vaccine court. More than 11, 000 have been dismissed – almost three quarters. That doesn’t mean that their injuries were not valid; it simply means that they did not meet the high standard of proof necessary to receive compensation.  But the sobering reality is that no amount of compensation can give you back the precious gift of health which was so cruelly stolen from you.

To add insult to injury, the very people who were trusted with your health and well-being may be reluctant to believe your adverse reactions if they don’t square with what they have been taught. Many doctors suffer from cognitive dissonance and refuse to link your symptoms to the ‘vaccines’ they have been brainwashed to believe are above criticism. But you know your body best of all, so don’t be gas lit into thinking you have simply lost your mind.

“I can’t stand this anymore!?”

What is there to live for?

Although death might seem preferable to your suffering, there is a reason you did not die when so many others have. You and other vaccine sufferers can be a mutual source of support. There is hope as many honourable doctors are trying to find remedies to palliate the suffering of their patients and others with the myriad of troubling symptoms.

The bodies of so many people across the world have rebelled; the adverse reactions are the body’s way of rejecting the harmful ingredients you may have allowed into your body through fear. Sometimes are bodies are wiser than our minds. Our minds can be intimidated, brainwashed and gaslit. But the body cannot be fooled.

However, your mind as befuddled by fatigue, brain fog and chemical misfiring, as it may be, still has a valuable role to play in your recovery. You must seek to override the body by keep telling it how wonderful it is, and to breathe, to move, to relax, and be strong enough to survive. Take it one day at a time – one minute at a time. The world, in the form of your field of influence no matter how small or great, needs to hear your story. How can there be any hope of change for yourself, or for the world at large, if you succumb to the lie that you don’t matter.

Here’s the testimony of how one vaccine-injured lady is surviving:

It may seem as if life presents you with no other option but to hobble through the rest of your life. Though none of us know what the rest of our lives will bring, we can determine to keep going. If you can run, run; if you can walk, walk; if you can crawl, crawl…It’s not the pace but the forward movement that counts, for while you are moving, help is surely on the way from a source you may never have anticipated.