Insomnia by Paul Avis

Insomnia by Paul Avis

I lie on my back

staring up at the ceiling

It happens again

that familiar feeling


I try the old methods

I’m counting my sheep

But none of them manage

To send me to sleep


I shut my eyes tighter

But open my mind

and keeping me conscious 

Are the tings which I find


Memories and theories

Old plans and schemes

when all i am seeking

Is the refuge of dreams


A dog barks outside

Or inside my head

the sound has made sure

That the sandman has fled


I won’t waste this time

that I did not request

So I’ll use this brain

Which refuses to rest


All my times tables

Alphabet in reverse

and I start to get desperate

As the clock makes things worse


I long for escape

a visit to snoredom

Instead I am here

Drowning in boredom


I glance at the time

It’s already next morning

I’m up in an hour

the day’s almost dawning


And I’m still here yawning…


[Paul Avis, ‘Windows of the Soul’, 1997]