Is it right to blame others for suicide?

The press coverage of the suicide of Cathriona White rivetted the world. she succumbed to prescription drugs on 28 September 2015. Who was this relatively unknown young woman who had captivated the heart of Jim Carrey – one of the most famous actors? Furthermore, why was he named in her suicide note? His sober presence at her funeral showed a man genuinely heartbroken by her death, or some might say wracked with guilt. Either way, his presence at her funeral in Ireland, her country of birth, required strength of character and honour.

Following her tragic demise, Carrey has been plagued by lawsuits. Her estranged husband claimed he supplied her with the prescription medicine she used to take her life. Allegedly, Carrey had obtained this prescription under false pretences by using an alias. there is a point of view that without the means to commit suicide, suicide is less likely to occur. But individuals who are bound and determined to take their own lives, will find a way to do so eventually.

In her suicide note Cathriona accused Carrey of many things in a long rant which exposes the state of her mind prior to her suicide. It is replete with assignations of blame. Was this note meant for Carrey’s eyes only or for the world to see? She accused him of introducing her to “cocaine, prostitutes, mental abuse and disease”. [] She killed herself a few days after they split. This suggests it was implicated in her decision-making, faulty though it was. Did Cathriona fear that having contracted an STD she would never be able to have another relationship?Carrey was cleared of her wrongful death brought by her estranged husband and mother. 

This raises a similar question – “am I my brother’s keeper?”[Genesis 4:9] which was Cain’s defence after he murdered his brother, Abel. But can we be responsible for others without first being responsible for ourselves? Suicide is the worst assault on a relationship because it eliminates the possibility of  a comeback. It leaves in its trail only guilt and regret.