The Case of a Near Suicide: Carlos Santana

He is named amongst the 100 greatest guitarists of all time on the Rolling Stone list. He is a 10 time grammy award winner, so you would think that this distinguished, Mexican-born musician would be on top of the world. Although he has scaled the heights of phenomenal achievement and worldly success, the truth is that he has spent long periods in the depths of depression.

He has suffered childhood abandonment, abuse and his 34-year old, tempestuous marriage ended in divorce – one of these alone would have plunged the mightiest of men into despair. The lure of suicide reared its ugly head on seven occasions. He kept hearing voices in his head telling him how worthless he was, and he reasoned that death would be better than the psychological pain which seemed enduring. Thankfully, divine grace would always intervene to remind him that there was a better way and that suicide was not the answer. By God’s grace, he was also able to forgive his childhood molester. This lifted a huge weight from him psychologically, and liberated him to move on with the rest of his life.

Santana credits Christ with saving him in every respect – spiritually, emotionally and physically. He is quoted as saying that “…the only reality is God’s love. Everything else is an illusion.”


[Based on the article  ‘Carlos Santana’s Spiritual Journey’ by Patrick S. Durek, Plain Truth magazine.]

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