The Fight of Your Life

A strong body is just as important as a strong mind in mounting a defence against any enemy. This is especially obvious when it comes to fighting a virus. However, our understanding of a strong body has been distorted in this image-fixated world in which we live.

When January rolls around, it has become customary to make New Year’s Resolutions. Their overwhelming focus tends to be on weight loss. We have been conned into believing that weight loss is the biggest indicator of health; but usually we are more concerned with fitting into our swimwear for our Summer Holidays or the clothes we have outgrown. We are more concerned with looking our best than helping our bodies to function optimally.

Our immune systems are designed to deal with various enemies which try to invade our bodies  whether in the form of viruses, bacteria, parasites or allergens. Because we have neglected to find out what builds our immune systems and helps them to function optimally, we have positioned ourselves to lose the war. But being armed with knowledge is only half of the equation. We must also take the necessary steps to equip our immune systems with what they need, and to avoid those things which undermine them.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, there are four fundamental  things we can do to enhance our immune systems:

  • eat nutrient-rich, organic food;
  • Supplement with vitamins such as C, D and E and minerals such as zinc, selenium.
  • Be physically active.
  • Avoid stress.

Dr Lipton concludes that the high death rates of those who have been diagnosed with the corona virus, is more a reflection of a compromised immune system than the virulence of the virus.  

The gut has been identified as the second brain where many of the cells which support our immune system are located. Supporting the gut microbiome is crucial to the immune system.