worksheet 1: Becoming self-aware

A breakdown is the doorway to a breakthrough. Two words which have in common the word ‘break’, but then part company and go off in different directions – ‘down’ or ‘through’.

Does this statement make sense to you? What difference does it make to how you perceive your situation?

When you reach the end of your tether, you know that life as you know it, is no longer working. This means that you need to work on your life to bring about constructive change.

What are some steps you could begin to take today to bring about much needed change?


Just because you have a psychiatric diagnosis doesn’t mean you cannot get better by addressing some of the deeper issues within your soul. A psychiatric label may help you to understand yourself better, but refuse to see it as a limitation.

What do I dream of doing? What’s the first step I must take towards this dream?

Dr Ed Welch, author of ‘Blame it on the Brain’,  stresses the need to distinguish between physical and spiritual symptoms.

Do you know what symptoms to expect from your diagnosis?

Keeping a daily journal is a good way to track the trajectory of your thoughts and fluctuations in your mood. It helps you to become self aware.

Have you ever thought you could take control of your own thoughts?

Do you know what thoughts and feelings you experience in a typical day?

Taking responsibility for your own thoughts, attitudes and feelings means not always having to assign blame to someone or something outside yourself, or having to look for solutions outside yourself.

Has anyone ever asked you why you are depressed? Have you asked yourself why you are depressed?

Although some people find medication helpful, it does not benefit everyone. Often patients feel medication is the last resort beyond which there is no hope for a solution.

Do you feel that your doctor has tried to “medicalise” away your depression?

“In 2007, there were 46 reports of depression associated with the use of Champix and 16 reports of patients with suicidal thoughts.”

Do you feel hopeless because your medication is not working or is making you feel worse? Do you know what side effects to expect from your medication?